The Garden Route is easily one of the most majestic places in the Cape. It boasts some of the most beautiful attractions including natural sights as well as quaint little towns that are warm and welcoming to all of those who pass through it.

Whether you are looking for an outdoor holiday full of action packed activities that will give you plenty of fresh air, or if you are looking for a laidback getaway complete with lazy days on the beach or sitting with a picnic basket beneath the canopy of forest trees, there is something for everyone in the Garden Route, you just need to know how to plan your holiday.

To get that full Garden Route experience, it helps to plan a holiday that includes a mixture of attractions and activities. This way you can balance your tour while ensuring that when the time comes to leave, you have seen the best of what it has to offer, as well as some of those lesser seen things that are oftentimes overlooked.


Garden Route national lake in Knysna


Attractions to Add to your Holiday Bucket List

There is a lot to see when visiting here, so we’ll start off by putting the spotlight firmly on the natural attractions worth seeing.

  1. Featherbed Nature Reserve

This is one of those not so well known attractions but one that is absolutely worth adding to your list. From this reserve, you can get the best views of the famous Knysna Heads, a natural rocky attraction that is steeped in history and is hard to miss. The Knysna Heads are not the only thing to enjoy here. You can also take a ferry trip across the lagoon or take a walk along the coastline. And just a heads up, when walking here, bring along a comfortable pair of boots.

  1. The Garden Route Botanical Garden

You might think that the Garden Route is already a Botanical Garden of sorts, but there is a place at the foot of the Outeniqua Mountains where you can recharge amongst the greenery while also taking loads of photos. The garden also has a tea garden, a nursery and a herbarium to enjoy.

  1. Point of Human Origins

Africa, and South Africa, in general is a historical attraction of great importance, as plenty of discoveries have pointed to the birth of mankind being in Africa. This attraction focuses on the Pinnacle Point Caves, where evidence points to the rise of Homo Sapiens some 200 to 100 thousand years ago. This attraction is a must for archaeological fans.

  1. Storms River Mouth

An iconic part of the Garden Route, a slow boat trip down the Storms River towards the mouth, with towering rocky cliffs on either side is an attraction you will never forget. This attraction can be enjoyed as a part of the Otter Trail, which can take 5 days of hiking to complete but which will be well worth the effort.

  1. Knysna Forest

The indigenous forests of the Garden Route are absolutely breathtaking and they are all that remains of what was once one of Africa’s biggest forests. The Knysna Forest has indigenous trees and wildlife populations which include elephant and buffalo. This is the perfect place to take a walk or to go on a long hike.

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The Garden Route of South Africa is one of the most enchanting places to spend a holiday. You could see just a couple of the attractions along the way, or you could dedicate a whole week to the adventure, and really see all that this 200km stretch of coastline, mountains, towns and forests has to offer those who visit it.

The Garden Route is a bit of paradise in an otherwise busy country, and when you visit here, you can easily feel as though you are travelling in a different part of the world. The vibe is very different to the rest of the country, but there’s one thing that is certain; this place is absolutely gorgeous.

If you are planning to embark on a Garden Route tour, here are a couple of facts that you should know about before you go.



  1. It’s all in the name

The Garden Route is basically one big beautiful, unkempt garden. Here you will find fynbos, proteas, all sort of indigenous trees and shrubs, each of which contribute to the unique beauty of this magical place. In fact, a lot of the plant life here can only be seen here and it contributes to making a special habitat for the wildlife seen in this part of the world.

  1. It has easy access

Of all of South Africa’s many attractions, this is without a doubt one of the easiest ones to find. And for the most part, you won’t have to pay an entry fee in order to see some of the best attractions that the area has to offer. In fact, some of the best sights can be seen right from the road. The easiest way to access the garden route is from the N2 highway which connects Cape Town and Port Elizabeth.

  1. It’s between mountains and oceans

One of the main reasons why the area has such fantastic views is because it is situated between the Tsitsikamma and Outeniqua mountain ranges to the north and the Indian Ocean to the south. This means you can look forward to dramatic landscapes and plenty of interesting lookout points. This area and the way the Garden Route is situated has created a unique climate which is just perfect for the plant life found here.

  1. It is home to real safari type wildlife

The natural habitat created by the way in which the mountains and oceans come together has also resulted in the perfect climate for all types of wildlife. When you are travelling through the area, but especially through the national parks in the area, you can see elephants, bush pigs, reedbuck, caracal, blue duiker and baboons.

  1. It has a best time to visit

Although all year is a good time to enjoy a Garden Route tour, the best times to visit is once the winter has passed. This part of South Africa has a fairly rainy and miserable winter, so plan your visit for between October and March, when the weather is simply gorgeous.


South Africa is one of the most diverse places on earth and we’re not just talking about the amazing array of cultures and people that you will encounter when visiting this country. When travelling around this nation, you will see all sorts of landscapes, ranging from deserts to mountains and forests as well as plants and animals unique to our land.

Along the South West Coast of South Africa lies a destination that is so unlike the rest of the country that it can feel as though you are walking into another country all together. Called the Garden Route, when you travel here you will find sparkling, hidden lagoons, overgrown emerald forests, and the very best beaches, making it what National Geographic calls the Ultimate Road Trip.

The Garden Route begins around 4 hours outside of Cape Town and it covers an exclusive, almost untouched stretch of coastline. The entire journey covers around 200km and to take it all in, and really enjoy the very best sights, you should consider signing up for a Garden Route tour. With a tour, you will be able to ensure that you see everything worth seeing and by the end of your tour, you will have a whole new appreciation of this stunning part of South Africa.




Where is the garden route exactly?

The area known as the Garden Route stretches from Mossel Bay to the Storms River Mouth. It is the perfect destination for every outdoor enthusiast and there are plenty of hiking trails, places to explore and beaches to relax on. The route offers evergreen forests like the Tsitsikamma, hills of native protea flowers, lagoons that reach far in land, and friendly towns offering great food and accommodation.

While the route is quite popular with tourists, if you travel at the right time of year, you can enjoy a sense of disconnection.

With all the rugged outdoor attractions, there is plenty of wildlife and birdlife to see. While there are loads of activities to keep you busy, if you are looking for more of a relaxed holiday, you can find that too, by spending your days sitting on a rocky outcrop from which you can watch the rolling ocean waves.

The Best Way to See the Garden Route

It all depends on the type of holiday that you’d like to experience. For some, the solo trip is just the kind of dream holiday they have in mind when they think of a holiday in the Garden Route. When travelling by yourself, you can set your own pace and add the attractions that you want to see. But if you want to have a trip that is a little better planned and which will allow you to kick back and relax through the trip, a guided tour is best. Guide Garden Route tours are a popular option for those who don’t want to drive themselves or have to think too much about planning where to go and where to stay, something that you might find helpful if you are travelling to South Africa for the first time.

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South Africa is much underrated when it comes to its artists. And as the past few years have largely ignored art and it’s mystifying, beautifying and calming effects that it can have on those making it and those who get to look at the art once it is complete, galleries have stood mostly empty and waiting for art connoisseurs and every day art appreciators alike to return.

If you are planning a Cape Town tour this year, and you want to learn more about what the locals are making in terms of art, then you need to know which art galleries and museums are going to be the best ones to visit. Cape Town is an artistic hub, with all sorts of artists drawn to the city’s more eclectic vibe and its encouraging artistic environment.




And if you want to go to the best art galleries in the city, here are a few that you can add to your list.

  1. The Cape Gallery

On Church Street, you will see an old worldly sign that will point you to The Cape Gallery, one of the city’s oldest art galleries. A lot of the art here features a mix of paintings and sculptures, most of which display African culture and African landscapes. The exhibitions will stay on display for one month and often they are designed to accommodate just a single artist.

  1. Stevenson Gallery

This art gallery is a more contemporary one and you will find it in the fashionable suburb of Woodstock. Local artists appear alongside international ones and the artwork is generally critically acclaimed pieces. The art here is varied, covering all sorts of genres and styles.

  1. Everard Read

If what you really want is to exclusively view local artists, this is the gallery to head to. The gallery is displayed at the famous V & A Waterfront, and it features a range of artwork paintings and sculptures. The gallery has recently expanded to include a sculpture garden across the road.

  1. Goodman Gallery

With an art gallery up in Johannesburg and now one in Cape Town, the Goodman Gallery is one that is quite well known among South African art fans. The gallery focuses on displaying African art and most of the artworks are created by locals as well as artists further up in Africa. Often, the gallery also displays the artwork of international artists.

  1. South African National Gallery

Another of South Africa’s oldest art galleries, this is one of the best places to visit if you are looking for acclaimed art that includes every type of genre, from the fine art paintings, to photographs, textiles, beadwork, and sculptures. The gallery regularly changes up the art that it displays and it also changes the genres, giving you something new and beautiful to appreciate each time you go there.

As part of your Cape Town tour, a visit to a popular gallery is a must, even if art is not really your thing. Through the South African artworks that you observe, you will be able to get a better sense of the people who call this amazing country home.

Not every Cape Town tour is going to consist of 3 weeks exploring the city and its surrounds. Sometimes all you have is a single day, but if you know what you are doing then a single day is really all you need in order to see quite a lot of the best attractions (those that you really want to see at least) and to have a once in a lifetime experience that will stay with you forever.

To make sure that your single day Cape Town tour is going to be the kind of unforgettable adventure that you’ve always wanted to have, you will have to plan your day’s tour down to the last detail. And we are going to help you do just that with this quick guide to your one day in Cape Town.

For starters, unless you are booking a tour, you will need to hire a car. This is the only way that you will be able to get around to all the attractions in one day. And you should also make sure that you don’t overextend yourself when it comes to planning what you will be doing during the day. You are, after all, on a limited amount of time, so you will need to be very specific with your intentions.



What to do and how to do it

Ideally, when planning your single day trip through the city, you should start with the main tourist attractions first. By hitting popular spots first, you can avoid the crowds that are going to gather later in the day. The first place to go, when you are in the city, should be Table Mountain. Getting to the mountain early means you can climb it or go up in a cable car before the area becomes overcrowded.

After that, you should think about taking a drive down the coastline. A scenic drive is actually a great experience if you are looking for a way to see a lot without having to actually stop at each place along the way. The Cape Coast is absolutely stunning, but it is rather cold, so you will need to pack something warm if you intend on getting out and walking along the beach.

You should then head to a vineyard. There are a couple of nearby vineyards that you can explore without having to drive too far. And after you’ve had lunch at whichever vineyard you find yourself at, a trip to a local botanical garden, such as Kirstenbosch will be a great way to spend the afternoon. If going to the gardens is not your thing, you can instead opt to go to an art gallery or explore a museum. You could also just spend the afternoon shopping around at the local shops, of which Cape Town has many.

And in the evening of your one day Cape Town tour, you can pick a restaurant of your choosing and have a meal. The restaurants on the V&A Waterfront are always popular, and offer a lot of variety.


During a Cape Town tour, you are going to have to keep your energy up, and the best way to do just that would be to hit one of the city’s best and most popular takeaway joints. The city is well known for its unique take on flavours, textures and colours when it comes to food, so if you are looking for a taste experience, one of the best places you can go to for your fix is a takeaway joint, but not the franchise kind.

Let’s face it, you can buy Mcdonald’s at home, so why would you want to eat something you’ve already tried while you are visiting a whole new country?

When you are in Cape Town, it is a great opportunity to try something different, something local. Fast food in the city is not just a calorific experience, one complete with the oils and sugars that most takeaways are known for. Instead, takeaways can also include a variety of healthy foods that are just as filling and oh so tasty.

When you are in the city on a tour and find yourself having a hankering for something to eat, here are some of the places you can head to.



  1. The Creamery Café Mouille

Ice cream is the quintessential takeaway food and, in summer especially, it is the perfect quick snack that will tide you over until your next main meal. And at Creamery Café Mouille, you will find an array of delicious ice cream flavours, all made using the highest quality ingredients. Those who have bought ice cream here rave about how tasty it is, and the café has seen many customers returning.

  1. Allegria Café and Life

Built close to the base of a mountain, on a quaint street corner, is Allegria Café and Life, a great place to get a snack. The café serves up an array of meals ranging from Italian pasta dishes, to salads, Panini, and cakes. The café is also known for is all-day breakfast, something that might be most welcome for those wanting to have a lie in before going on their tour.

  1. Steelies Fast Foods

If you find yourself hungry and on Canal Walk, Steelies is going to be one of the best places you can stop for a filling meal. Steelies serves up one of Cape Town’s most iconic meals, the Gatsby. A long bread roll filled with cheese, steak, fried potato chips, and tomato and lettuce, a Gatsby is a meal that can be shared or it can be that super indulgent treat that you keep to yourself.

  1. Smokey & Co

A place that satisfies all sorts of cravings, Smokey & Co is a great place to tuck into a truly decadent platter of treats. The takeaway serves all types of meals such as ribs, mac and cheese, and pizza, and based on the reviews they get, their food is to die for.

  1. Melkbos Fisheries

It wouldn’t be a trip to Cape Town if you didn’t dine on the classic fish and chips takeaway. And Melkbos Fisheries makes some of the best fish and chips in the city. They have very favourable rating on TripAdvisor, with some reviewers even saying it would be a sin not to eat here.



When visiting Cape Town, there is nothing quite as relaxing as sitting down at a chic local café, one serving a blend of imported and locally made coffee and locally made delicacies, after a busy morning spent exploring the best spots that this amazing city has to offer.

A Cape Town tour would be incomplete without a trip to one of the city’s many coffee shops. Being such an eclectic place and one full of life and interesting cultures, many of the coffee shops here are a reflection of the people and their never ending creativity. Whichever coffee shop you choose to enjoy a freshly brewed cuppa with a delicious scone, slice of cake or a scrumptious sandwich is going to be an experience all on its own, if you take yourself to one of these amazing places.



  1. The House of Machines

This is a place made for the manly man, but only as far as the décor is concerned. The House of Machines, known in local circles as THoM, is actually a motorbike workshop during working hours. But in the evening, it turns into a fabulous café and cocktail bar, popular with hipsters and tourists alike.

The coffee in particular is a treat, as it is an organic Honduran Arabica, and its flavour is full of earthiness.

  1. Jason Bakery

Along with already being featured on plenty of lists for the city’s best bakeries, Jason’s is also a great place to grab a refreshing cup of coffee. This shop is almost always busy, because it is so well known for its amazing baked goods and coffee, so maybe make this your first stop of the day. This way, you can be sure that you won’t miss out on their treats which sell out fast!

  1. Truth Coffee

If you’ve always wanted to live in a steampunk wonder world, this is absolutely the one place that you have to visit. At Truth Coffee, the décor is out of this world and it is a concept that totally makes sense, when you think of the fact that coffee and steam just go hand in hand!

The shop has been somewhat built around a 1940s cast-iron coffee roaster, which is one of the first things you see when you enter. And the coffee? It is exquisite in flavour, aroma and how it makes you feel.

  1. Origin Coffee Roasters

Largely considered to be the pioneer of the coffee movement that has swept through South Africa, you can imagine that the coffee you get from Origin Coffee Roasters is going to be something you never forget. Origin sources between 10 and 20 single origin brews and each bean is ground and roasted at the shop, guaranteeing that you get the freshest brew every time.

  1. Bootlegger Coffee Company

The décor in the shop is enough all on its own to blow your mind. The café is accented in darker shades, and this definitely helps to create a real vibe for great coffee. This coffee shop sources its delightful coffee blends from Burundi, Costa Rica and Guatemala, and the overall atmosphere is unique and welcoming.

Whenever you are exploring a brand new city, taking a step back in time and stopping off at a museum or two is one way to gain a whole new perspective of your destination while also having some more appreciation for what it took to build the area. This is an especially important thing to do when you are visiting any part of South Africa, because the history of this land and every city built on it is so complicated that it affects the layout of the city as well as the way of life of the city’s residents.

Cape Town is one of South Africa’s best known and most visited cities. Each year thousands of tourists, both locals and international visitors, will walk the streets, eat at the restaurants, explore the beaches and the natural attractions, and find themselves drawn into the history of the bustling urban and rural areas.

For those who are keen to learn more about the ins and outs of Cape Town as well as where this city started out, a stop at some of the city’s very best museums is going to be a must.




  1. The Heart of Cape Town

Africa is often overlooked as a developing continent, but some of the most advanced medical breakthroughs have happened on South African soil. The very first heart transplant was done in Cape Town, under the leadership of Professor Christiaan Barnard, on the 3rd of December 1967. It was one of the greatest achievements of the era, and you can experience part of the thrill by embarking on a guided 3 hour tour of the museum built in honour of the amazing feat.

  1. Iziko South African Museum

This is one of South Africa’s oldest museums, having been built in 1825. The museum is home to some 1.5 million specimens of ancient fossils, rocks and stone tools, among other things, and it gives guests a unique look into what life was like in the country thousands of years ago. Iziko operates in 12 national museums, and if you want to save on costs if you visit on certain commemorative days, you don’t have to pay.

  1. Warrior Toy Museum

A place that is dedicated to all sorts of toys, covering a variety of models and themes, the Warrior Toy Museum is a great place for children and for those adults wanting to relive the nostalgia of the past. There are toys of all shapes and sizes to look at when here and there is also a small shop on the grounds where you can take a commemorative item home.

  1. 18 Gangster Museum

This is one of the most innovative museums that you will ever visit and it was built to inspire those who visit it to choose an alternative way of life, rather than falling into gangsterism that has become such a huge problem in the Cape. The entrance fee that you pay to visit is what allows the museum to open its doors for free to local children who can then learn about the dangers of becoming a gangster.

There are plenty of museums all around Cape Town and so to make the most of your trip, be sure to do a little more research and plan ahead. Alternatively, when booking your Cape Town tour, ask for advice about which museums are the best to visit.


Table Mountain is one of the very first sightings that greet all of the guests that come to the city. It is an iconic landmark that is the backdrop of numerous photos and which has come to represent the city as a whole. When tourists think of Cape Town, it is usually Table Mountain that comes to mind and so it is quite easy to understand why Table Mountain is one of those places where just about every tourist to the city likes to spend a day.

Some will visit Table Mountain on their own, making a full day of their adventure, while others will book a tour as a part of their Cape Town tour package, where they will explore the mountain and all of the other interesting attractions that can be seen while here.

Table Mountain is easily the Eiffel Tower of South Africa, and it is also one of the oldest mountains in the world. As such a natural wonder, a trip here is usually characterised by the history of the mountain and the cable ride up to the top. This is definitely an outdoor attraction, so when you are visiting here, you will want to pack your hiking boots.

For those who are visiting for the very first time, it might be easy to think that all you do at Table Mountain is to ride to the top and then walk around, enjoying the sights. But this mountain offers so much more than just incredible views. If you intend to make a full day of your trip, here are just some of the things that you can do while here.




  1. Cape Town Scootours

On a scooter made for travelling on the rocky terrain of the Swiss Alps, you can freewheel your way around Table Mountain on a scooter. The terrain is incredible bumpy and absolutely invigorating, guaranteeing that you experience a real thrill while getting to see all sorts of interesting things along the way. This is also the ultimate family-friendly adventure.

  1. Do the Cable Car

It might seem a little cliché but you are on holiday, you’re at the most iconic mountain in the city, and you might as well make the most of it by getting into a cable car and taking a trip to the top of the mountain.

  1. Try Abseiling

Abseiling from the summit of the mountain is not for the faint hearted, especially if you are afraid of heights. The mountain is some 1000 meters above sea level, and this makes it the highest commercial abseil in the world. It takes about an hour to travel from the summit to the bottom, and this is certainly something that you will want to do as part of a guided tour.

  1. Enjoy High Tea at the Top

At the top of Table Mountain, when you have done some exploring, you can stop at the Cableway Lounge for tea and some of the most delicious snacks. The lounge is only open from 2.30pm to 5.30pm, and you need to make a booking if you wish to go, as the lounge only accommodates 20 guests.


As the seaside city that seems to have it all, most visitors to Cape Town don’t often think of the beach and the sea as the best place to spend their holiday. Cape Town and its incredible surroundings offer so much to see and to do that the ocean is one of the last places people think to go. But if you are the type who has a special love for the sea, there are quite a few interesting places to go to where you can put on your snorkelling gear and take a dip into the cold ocean.

That is one thing to keep in mind when you are planning to do anything in the ocean. The Atlantic is a lot colder than the Indian Ocean, which you will find along the east coast. For this reason, a dip in the Atlantic is not something for everyone, and for those who are keen on it, wearing the right kind of swimming clothing is a must.

With that said, the Atlantic is brimming with life and the underwater wonder worlds that you can see when going snorkelling on the Cape Town coastline is unbelievably beautiful. The subject of countless documentaries and many a magazine spread, if you are looking for a memorable place to see the underwater landscape for yourself, then heading to one of these sights with your snorkelling gear is a must.




  1. Windmill Beach

This snorkelling spot is found at False Bay and it is an absolutely stunning place to explore. The beach is best visited on a calm day, as it does get incredibly windy here which can disrupt the waters and make visibility difficult. The beach has an assortment of boulders, and it has become a popular spot to see penguins.

  1. Sandy Cove

At Oudekraal Beach, down a very steep road that takes you into the bay,  you can go snorkelling in picturesque Kelp Forests, in the centre of which is a sand patch. The bay has all sorts of life, including shy sharks and pajama sharks, as well as electric rays. It is best to snorkel here in the summer months.

  1. Long Beach

This is by far one of Cape Town’s most popular beaches and you can find it in the Simons Town area. Here in the peace and quiet, away from the wind, you can go snorkelling in some of the city’s very best snorkelling spots, where you can see all sorts of plants and aquatic life. The beach is open all year round.

  1. The Old Harbour

A bit further up the west coast and you will find the popular tourist town of Hermanus. The area is well-known for its whale watching and it is very easy to get to. When beneath the waves, you will see all sorts of interesting things, including amazing kelp forests and you might even be able to hear the whales if you are snorkelling at the right time of year. If this is a destination you hope to visit, it is best to go during the winter and the spring.