Botswana is known as one of the last untouched places in Africa. A land of timeless beauty, it teems with a wide variety of wildlife and for that reason alone, is not to be missed in an African itinerary.

Vast expanses of beautiful, uninhabited wilderness stretching to the horizon, the sensation of limitless space, stunning sunsets of unimaginable beauty and night skies littered with stars –  all these will create fond memories for each traveler coming to this beautiful country. But perhaps most of all, Botswana’s greatest gift is its ability to connect travelers with nature and the astonishing diversity of plants and animals to be explored.

The Botswana Wildlife and National Parks have spear-headed conservation in the region by protecting a fifth of Botswana’s territory.

Best Time to Visit:
April to November.  At this time, large numbers of animals migrate towards the waterways of the Okavango Delta

Setswana is the national language with minor differences in dialects. However, English is the official business language and is widely spoken in urban areas and used for written communication.

The currency in Botswana is the Pula (BWP).  To check the exchange rate with your home currency click here.


Helpful Information

Please contact your local embassy for visa requirements, or click here to email us should you require assistance.

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Please note

To enter Botswana you need a passport that have the validity of six months and more with three or more unused pages.

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Malaria Advice

It is recommended that one take an anti-malaria prophylactic when visiting the country as it is found in all commonly visited areas all year round. In addition we recommend that at dusk and dawn you wear clothing of light colour that covers your arms and legs.

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Tipping in Botswana is voluntary, tips should be given depending on service and satisfaction. Like their colleagues elsewhere in the world baggage handlers, waitrons and chamber-maids appreciate a gratuity or tip for good services. If you would like to tip as a token of appreciation for good service, here is a brief guideline to assist you: Local guides, rangers: US$10.00 each per guest per day. Trackers and Mokoro Paddlers: US$5.00 each per guest per day. The General Logde / Safari Camp Staff: US$10.00 per guest per day. This should be placed in the communal tipping box, which can be found near the bar or reception, to be distributed equally amongst all the staff. Porterage: US$2.00 per guest per movement.

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