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Cape Town claims 3rd place in Condé Nast World''s Best Food Cities

The Mother City has claimed bronze laurels yet again, this time in the foodie sphere as it was placed third in Condé Nast Traveler's (CNT) the World's Best Food Cities for 2014. 

This prestigious list was released on Tuesday, 7 April, and is compiled by a board of seasoned CNT writers. 

The description of Cape Town on Condé Nast Traveler's site reads, "In Cape Town, ‘local’ rules. The Mother city is smallish, casual but supremely stylish, and welcoming — words that describe its artisanal foods and restaurant scenes as much as its citizens". 

Writer Maria Shollenbarger acknowledges that, "Sure, there are flashy, world-renowned addresses [in Cape Town], like Luke Dale-Roberts’ Test Kitchen and Pot Luck Club. (Both are housed in the Old Biscuit Mill, which also hosts the Saturdays-only Neighbourgoods Market, an alfresco fair of the small-batch and hand-crafted, from sheep's milk cheeses to artisanal honeys to beers and wines, biltong and oysters.)" 

The number one Food City of the World for 2014 is San Sebastián in Spain, with Paris in France settling in second place.

Source: traveller24

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