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Great White shark rescue in Plett

Cape Town - Footage of a dramatic rescue effort to save the life of a Great White shark that had been hooked by a fisherman on a Plettenberg Bay beach has captured the imagination of YouTube users around the world. 

The video was filmed by Lars Lieberg, who had been enjoying breakfast at a beachfront restaurant when the incident took place and shows how the majestic creature flails around in the shallows as a number of men try removing the hook from its gills. 

Posted to YouTube by Barcroft media, the video has seen users expressing their respect to those involved in the rescue:

"Here we have the worlds most dangerous species, causing millions of deaths every year. And next to it is a small stuck great white," a user called Angry Gamer noted in the comment section. 

MSP Redgrave1 said: "That guy was just anchored down by his massive balls of steel. Grabbing a great white by the tail, what a boss."

You can watch the video here:

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