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Protea Hotel Fire & Ice is seriously ‘cool’

From the moment you pull up outside, you know the hotel is going to be on the quirky side. "SLOW DOWN…it’s Cape Town" says the road sign on the quiet side street where the hotel is found. 

The lobby is bright and modern and the casually-dressed staff manage to be both chatty and professional. It's not your run-of-the-mill Protea Hotel. Don't get me wrong - I rather like the run-of-the-mill Proteas. They're clean, well-equipped, friendly - they're predictable. The Fire and Ice combines the first three, but I wouldn't necessarily call it predictable.

Let's take those lifts, for example: It's a small thing, but decorating your lifts in the style of a shark-diving cage or the Table Mountain Cableway is just, I don't know, cool. It somehow makes getting in the lift exciting - people were even betting on which would arrive first. 

The swimming pool is small, but has an awesome indoor/outdoor deck, so even when the Cape Doctor has come to call, you can sun yourself behind floor-to-ceiling panes of glass, then take a dip to cool off. And on the town-facing side of the hotel, there's a funky cocktail deck that makes for a great sundowner spot. 

Funnily enough, the rooms aren't as impressive as you might expect, the quirkiness kind of continues, with the rooms somehow feeling like a college dorm room. (I think it was the pin board used instead of ‎the usual information folder - that and the fact that the shower is not so much en suite as in suite - but at least you can watch TV while you wash...) I suppose though, that the rooms are designed solely for sleeping.

The hotel's central location means you'll be spending most of your day at museums, shopping or bar-hopping. And when you are back at the hotel, you'll be so busy sunning yourself, sipping on cocktails and riding up and down in the lifts, the only thing you'll be doing in your room is sleeping. 

Oh, and about those milkshakes - they're seriously good

They come in flavours like Turkish delight, Lindt chocolate or Patron tequila and if you only do one thing at the Protea Fire & Ice this summer, it should be to enjoy a milkshake. ‎My top tip – note that they do come in ‘small’ as well as gargantuan – not a bad idea if you want to indulge in the restaurant’s build-your-own burger option as well…

Look out for special packages that include a milkshake and a burger among other goodies when you book an overnight stay. 



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