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At the Mfuwe Lodge in Zambia’s South Luangwa National Park, I guess you could say that there is – literally – an elephant in the room. An entire herd of them, actually!

Unknowingly constructed on a herd’s path in 1998, the Mfuwe Lodge has become a shortcut for the elephants, with the pachyderms passing through the lobby seasonally to feed on some mango trees on the other side of the property.

Watch the video here:

‘The elephants start coming through base camp in late November of each year to eat the mangoes from our trees’, said Andy Hogg, director of the Bushcamp Company, which runs the lodge. ‘When they are ripe they come through and they stand about for four to six weeks coming back each day or second day to eat the mangoes’.

The herd is led by their matriarch, named ‘Wonky Tusk’, and they have been using the lobby as a shortcut for years. One calf was even born there, and was dubbed ‘Lord Wellington’ by the staff. Tourists have also come in droves, wanting to see wild elephants come in contact with people in an unexpected but delightful manner.

Despite the risks of being so close to a herd of wild animals, the lodge is happy to report that the elephant visits have been accident-free. ‘The elephants are usually very relaxed and pay little attention to people’, said lodge general manager Ian Salisbury. ‘On occasions they have demonstrated how relaxed they are by falling asleep!’

Source: lostateminor

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