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Let the kids catch a wave

Kids learn to surf safely and expertly with help from top international surfers at the Waves School of Surfing in Mossel Bay. An initial ocean awareness lesson will get them on the board, after that they can take it as far as they like. It’s fun, it’s safe, and it’s very cool!

Mossel Bay has one of the mildest climates in the world – second only to Hawaii.

South Africa is not just a great safari destination, it's also a top surfing destination, so let the kids learn to surf while you're here.

Mossel Bay, one of the many charming towns along the Western Cape's Garden Route, is a perfect place for children to learn surfing the right way – safely and in expert professional hands.

Mossel Bay enjoys temperate sunny weather for much of the year and superb surf much of the time. Here Llewellyn Whittaker, former Triple Crown surf champion, teaches kids how to surf, how to stay safe and, above all, how to respect the sea.

Kids learn to surf on an initial two-hour ocean awareness course. As well as learning to stand and balance on the surfboard, they learn the five golden rules of using the sea: never swim alone; always have a fixed marker on the beach; keep your feet on the ground; stay between safety flags; and always wait at least 30 minutes after eating before you go swimming.

But the experience is more than just learning to surf. It's about teaching kids to learn valuable life lessons like self-motivation, discipline and hard work. Kids (and adults) can build self-esteem, discover their strengths and become motivated in a controlled, secure environment.

Whittaker's Waves School of Surfing prides itself on teaching surfers of any ability or level to find out about themselves, as well as improving their surfing skills. And the Point at Mossel Bay is special in that two waves break next to each other – perfect for surfing.

Mossel Bay is a dream holiday destination. You can see the Big Five on a game drive in the morning, and be back for surfing by midday. Or take a boat ride and see the Big Four – whales, dolphins, seals and sharks – while the kids are learning to surf.


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