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Vumba Mountain Range

The Vumba - together with Chimanimani and Nyanga - form the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe. This chain of mountain ranges marks the Eastern border of Zimbabwe with neighboring Mozambique.

The plateau of Nyanga lies to the North at an altitude of around 2100 m, rising to 2592 m at the summit of Mt. Nyangani. Much of the area has been declared a National Park. Vumba Mountains has magnificent forests, hidden valleys and stunning views from the Castle Beacon, which at 1911m is the highest peak.

Much of the flora and fauna is unique, due to very different climatic circumstances. The region boasts many special birds, flowers, trees and butterflies, while the vast majority of orchids and ferns only occur in the Eastern Highlands.

With an average annual rainfall of 1800mm a year, the Vumba can be pretty wet, especially during the rainy season between November and March. Throughout the year you might get an occasional shower or a misty day, which will keep the entire landscape lush and green when the rest of the country is mostly dry.

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