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Great Zimbabwe

Great Zimbabwe is a ruined city with some of the most extraordinary manmade remains in Africa. It is located in the rugged south-eastern hills of Zimbabwe near the town of Masvingo.

The ruins at Great Zimbabwe are remarkable; lofty, majestic, awe-inspiring, timeless. It was built by craftsmen who took real pride in their work. There is nothing to compare with it in southern Africa. The two main areas of stone wall enclosures are the Hill Complex, on the long, steep-sided granite hill and the land below this hill where the Valley Enclosures and the Great Enclosure are situated.

The stone walls, up to 6 meters thick and 12 meters high, are built of granite blocks without the use of mortar. The Great Enclosure is the largest single ancient structure south of the Sahara. 

The structures were built by indigenous African people between AD 1250 and AD 1450, believed to be the ancestors of modern Zimbabweans. 

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