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Constitution Hill

Constitution Hill is a symbol of South Africa’s unique and triumphant democracy. Visitors to this complex, built on a ridge between Hillbrow and Braamfontein overlooking central Johannesburg, can view and learn about the incredible story of South Africa’s turbulent past and its extraordinary transition to modern-day democracy.

In addition to being  the home of the Constitutional Court,  South Africa’s highest court and custodian of the constitution, the hill includes a collection of historic buildings, most of which used to be prisons. The court is partially built on the site of the notorious Number 4 Prison where many awaiting trial prisoners were kept during the struggle against apartheid. It is in this prison complex that Johannesburg’s most famous prisoners, and international icons, were once kept including Mahatma Gandhi, and a generation later, President Nelson Mandela.

Exhibitions and guided tours offer visitors and inter-active experience whilst exploring Constitution Hill.

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