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Cape of Good Hope

The Table Mountain National Park extends along the southern Peninsula and includes the legendary Cape of Good Hope, the most south western tip of Africa. This famous landmark is also known as the Cape of Storms, named by the brave Portuguese navigators who explored the southern ocean in the 16th century. The early Spice Route around the Cape has evolved into a busy shipping route and rich fishing grounds. It is regarded as the mythical meeting place of the Atlantic and Indian Oceans, although geographically Cape Agulhas is the most southern tip of the African continent.

A visit to the Old Lighthouse in the Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve provides travellers with breath-taking views across the southern ocean. At 238 metres above the sea level, the Lighthouse is frequently covered in mist and is now used as a 24 hour weather station. A more efficient Lighthouse is located at sea level.

Over 1200 species of indigenous rare plants are found in the Reserve supporting various small mammals, the notorious Cape Baboons, antelope, zebras, South Africa’s largest bird the ostrich, the largest antelope, the Eland. The Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve is 88 kilometres from the City of Cape Town, and is accessed via a beautiful, scenic drive along the Cape Peninsula.

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