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Bwabwata National Park

The Bwabwata National Park (formerly the Caprivi Game Park) is located in the Caprivi Strip of Namibia. It is a unique attraction since it supports both large wildlife and human populations. This special arrangement benefits mankind and the animal kingdom equally, with conservation and rural community development both coming out as winners from sharing this spectacular area. Bwabwata is named after a village in the reserve and means 'the sound of bubbling water.'

Community game guards and resource monitors have been put in place, not only as a long-term conservation initiative, but to improve the quality of life for local inhabitants who now have new opportunities in ecotourism.

While the park is sanctuary to 35 large and numerous small game species, they are rarely seen as vehicles are restricted to the road between Kavango and Eastern Caprivi. Animals likely to be spotted though are elephant, roan and kudu; buffalo occur towards the west and as many as 339 bird species have been recorded in West Caprivi.

Excellent game watching can be done in October. It can be incredibly hot, but as it's been months since any rainfall, game concentrates on the last remaining waterholes along the Kwando River. A favourite is Horseshoe, as the name suggests, a large perennial oxbow lake with picturesque white-sand banks, surrounded by Zambezi teak woodlands.

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