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Walvis Bay Lagoon

Walvis Bay Lagoon is located on Namibia's west coast and is the largest deep-water port in the country. With its fresh south-westerly breezes, the Walvis Bay Lagoon attracts boardsailing enthusiasts from all over the world. This is one of Namibia’s most popular attractions and is becoming a must-see amongst tourists.

Walvis Bay is one of the world’s hotspots for windsurfing, kite surfing and kayaking.  Boat cruises are also popular and provide great views of dolphins, seals and spectacular seabirds.

The Walvis Bay Yacht Club organizes regattas for hobby cats, fireballs and catamarans. The aim of the club is the encouragement of amateur yacht sailing and the operation of sea-going motor yachts in Walvis Bay and adjacent waters. In December, the Club hosts the 19-mile-long Off-Shore Yacht Race from Walvis Bay to Swakopmund.

This wetland supports 36 species of fish and a large bird population of shorebirds, waders and flamingos. Bird counts amounts up to 70,000 birds in summer. This wetland is regarded as one of the most important in Africa, and has been declared a Ramsar site.

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