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Sossusvlei & Sesriem

Sossusvlei means ‘the gathering place of water”. Finding water here, though, is a very seldom occurrence. Instead, you’ll find the highest sand dunes in the world and perhaps Namibia’s most outstanding scenic attraction.

The dunes are part of the Namib Desert and have developed over a period of many millions of years. Climbing to the one of these dunes provides breathtaking views of the whole area, including Deadvlei, a large ghostly expanse of dried white clay punctuated by skeletons of ancient camelthorn trees, carbon dated between 500-600 years old.

The best time to view Sossusvlei is close to sunrise and sunset when the dunes refract spectacular colours, ranging from burnt orange to deep reds. It’s a photographer’s dream. 

At the entrance to Sossusvlei is the Sesriem Canyon, where centuries of erosion have incised a narrow gorge about 1 km in length. At the foot of the gorge, which plunges down for 30m to 40m, are deep pools of water which become replenished after good rains. Sesriem derives its name from the time when early pioneers tied six lengths of rawhide thongs together to draw water from these pools.

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