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Lüderitz is a colourful fishing harbour town with many interesting early 20th century German Art Nouveau buildings.  Located along the coast in southern Namibia, it is probably the most unique town in the country.

Built on rocks in a small enclave within the Sperrgebiet(restricted Diamond Area), this town fascinates with its curious array of historical German-style buildings; the most striking is Goerke-House, a former magistrate’s residence built in 1909.

The nearby, world-renowned Kolmanskoppe Ghost Diamond Town allows you the opportunity to see and experience what life was once like in this harsh desert landscape where the diamond rush was the only glimmering hope in this arid region. 

The desert provides ample opportunity for excursions and adventure, including 4x4 Guided and self-drive tours into the vast Namib Naukluft Park to the north and the Tsau //Khaeb (Sperrgebiet National Park) to the south. 

In stark contrast with the arid landscape of the interior, much of Lüderitz’s daily activity in centred around marine activities of the harbour town. Daily marine cruises to see Dias Cross, outlying islands with Namibia’s largest colony of African Penguins (Halifax Island), Heaviside Dolphins, Cape Fur Seals (Seal Island) and sometimes whales provide ample opportunity for the visitor to enjoy the rich diversity of the Atlantic Ocean.

A visit is only complete once you have tasted local cuisine. The town is famousfor its delicious fresh seafood, including Lobsters and Fresh Oysters.

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