African Travel Concept


Kaokoland is one of the last remaining wilderness areas in Southern Africa with some of Namibia's highest mountain ranges. Travelling through the north-western corner of Namibia makes you tingle with excitement. The rocky roads, rugged terrain, desert and dust make it a challenging experience with wonderful rewards.

This is wild land where desert-adapted elephant and black rhino roam, rivers surge down dry riverbeds with the summer rains, San paintings are etched into rock, semi-nomadic Himba groups reside in mud-and-dung huts and long-leaved welwitschias battle with the elements.

The raw beauty and quiet experienced here takes the traveller on a journey of history and introspection. It is a destination far away from the city lights, where stars light up the night sky, and animal tracks emboss the surface; a place where the modern world can be forgotten and the wilderness can be enjoyed.

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