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Kalahari Desert

The world’s largest continuous stretch of sand, the Kalahari Desert to the south of Namibia is actually a hub of life in own respect. Thanks to a modest measure of rainfall, the landscape is well vegetated with a variety of trees, shrubs, camelthorn, red ebony and other acacias. In springtime the plains are covered in blankets of flowers and grass while the summer rains bring a fair share of greenery.

This physical beauty only enhances the real, true allure of the Kalahari – the liberating silence and solitude found in so much open space. Visitors describe their visit as an almost spiritual experience and emotionally enriching.

Complete your experience meeting the proud San Bushmen. ATC will respectfully make such introductions with the tribe where you can learn about their traditions, origins and knowledge of living in the bushveld. In some cases you can still listen to their unique use of ‘click’ language, a wonderful experience in itself. 

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