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Brandberg Mountain

A notable landmark for early Namibian explorers was a soaring mass of granite, known as The Brandberg. The 'fire mountain', is so called because of the effect created by the setting sun on its western face, which causes the granite to resemble a burning slag-heap glowing red.

The Herero, a local tribe, calls the mountian 'Omukuruvaro', meaning 'mountain of the Gods'. The summit is called 'Königstein' and is Namibia's highest peak at 2,573m. Situated only 50km from the coast, the Brandberg offers visitors a unique selection of plants and animals, quite different to those on the surrounding plains.

While its name is Afrikaans for “burnt mountain“, the Brandberg is most famous for the rock painting known as the “White Lady“, which is painted on an overhang in Maack’s Shelter - named after the surveyor who discovered it in 1917.

Brandberg is remotely located, about a 3-hour drive from Swakopmund. Brandberg Rest Camp and the Brandberg White Lady Lodge are ideal bases to visit the mountain, on either full or half-day excursions. For the adventurer, the best way to experience the Brandberg is to participate in the Brandberg Ascent Hike – a guided 5 day hike up the mountain.

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