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Namibia is a country of contrasting landscapes bursting with natural wonders of all kinds; from the sky-high dunes of the oldest desert in the world, the Namib, to the chilly South Atlantic coastlines, Namibia is truly one of Africa's best-kept secrets.

The capital city, Windhoek, is situated in the geographical heart of Namibia and is the arrival and departure point for most travelling experiences in this country. Namibia’s attractions are spread equally throughout the entire country, each region alive with awe-inspiring wonders.

To the south there is Sossusvlei; home to the world’s most photographed dune, Dune 45, a colossus with a height of 80 meters. Deadvlei, where you can find blackened trees rooted in a pearly white salt pan framed by high red dunes, is located close by. Further south is The Fish River Canyon, a place of different beauty, where the Fish River carved an impressive riverine creating a breathtaking landscape. The only sounds you will hear are of water streams, wind and the cry of a fish eagle. Absolute bliss!

To the north is Etosha National Park, a world famous destination for game viewing around water holes, where the arid landscape comes alive after the summer rains and waterholes become crowded with hordes of wildlife. See elephants, lions, various antelope and bird species, as well as cheetah up close in a setting like no other. Further north of Namibia is the Kaokoveld. Only accessible by 4x4 vehicles, this untouched part of wilderness is where you will find the Himba tribe, famous for their red skins created by a cream applied containing the root of the Omuzumba shrub.

The mineral rich Namibian coastline is lined is each unique in its own right. Swakopmund fascinates with its architecture and strong German influences; it also offers golf in the desert and you can visit the seal colony only a short drive to the north. Luderitz is a small town with opportunities for the traveller to visit the diamond mines and view a wide array of birdlife. Walvis Bay is a large town where you can experience the fisherman’s culture of the West Coast. In stark contrast, the Skeleton Coast in the north is an arid landscape which is the perfect adventure for the 4x4 vehicle enthusiast.

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