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Useful Country Information

Best Time to Visit: May to November.  This is when rain and temperatures are at their lowest.

Language:  Portuguese is the official language however the majority of the population speak a Bantu dialect.

Currency: The currency in Mozambique is the Meticas (MZM) however both US dollars and the South African Rand are widely accepted.  To check the exchange rate with your home currency check here.

Entry requirements:  Please contact your local embassy for visa requirements, or click here to email us should you require assistance.

Please note:

  • Mozambique has very strict visa guidelines. Please ensure all requirements are met before-hand.


Mozambique Diplomatic Affairs and Visa Information

Mozambique Consulate General

Ave Eduardo Mondlane 41, Maputo MOZAMBIQUE
Tel: 00258 21 49-1614 / 0059 / 0547
Fax: 00258 21 49-3029


Malaria Advice: It is recommended that one take an anti-malaria prophylactic when visiting the country as it is present all over

Health Information and Vaccines Required: Click here to read more

Yellow Fever Vaccinations: For more information, please click here.

Tipping: Tipping in Mozambique is not customary, although in tourist areas a tip of 10% is expected.

If you are unsure of anything before you fly, please contact one of our consultants who will be more than happy to help.



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