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Quirimbas Islands

Quirimbas Islands is an enchanting destination. Imagine a remote Mozambican island lost in time and almost forgotten to the outside world for nearly a century. Picture grand, majestic architecture, some restored to their former glory and others falling into ruins. Quirimbas Islands has been described as one of the most magical, impressive and unique in Africa. The islands are also one of the oldest and most romantic settlements in Africa and are nominated for UNESCO World Heritage Status.

These islands are known for their high-quality diving sites, including phenomenal drop-offs, some up to 400 meters. The Quirimbas National Park, spanning an area of 7 500 km², includes the 11 most southerly islands, which are partly surrounded by mangroves. The park was established in 2002.

Dive at some of Africa’s richest coral reefs; snorkel in the shallow waters, sea kayak, swim, fish, or book a lovely massage to experience ultimate relaxation. Take a Quirimbas mobile island hopping dhow safari. Titillate your taste buds with local cashew nuts and tropical fruit, and feast on local signature seafood dishes. The mystery, the culture and beauty of Quirimbas Island awaits you.

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