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Lying along Mozambique’s tropical east coast, the idyllic region of Inhambane is a dream destination.

Inhambane is in southern Mozambique and is the country’s premier tourist destination. Stretching from Quissico in the South to Nova Mambone in the North, Inhambane has Indian Ocean holiday destinations of all types, to suit every budget.

Inhambane has such famous locations as Praia do Tofo; Praia dos Cocos, Ponto do Barra, Vilankulos, Ilha de Benquerra, Guinjata Bay and more. Many of these places within Inhambane are filled with the typical sights of a tropical paradise, from swaying palm trees and great beaches – blended with a lively mix of culture and history stretching back to the 11th century. Culture enthusiasts can explore Inhambane itself; highlights include the local museum, the old mosque and shopping for spices and nuts in the local ‘mercado’, or market.

For the more adventurous at heart, the scuba diving in Inhambane is amongst the best in the world with reefs close to every beach, including the world famous Manta Reef and Gallaria. Regular sightings of Giant Manta Rays, Whale Sharks, Turtles are certainly a highlight. There are many professional scuba diving operations throughout the area. Snorkelling is also excellent for the less experienced divers.

Inhambane is a place of glorious beaches, fantastic weather, splendid seafood and friendly locals, all making a holiday in Mozambique an affordable and unforgettable experience.

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