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Makgadikgadi Game Reserve

Makgadikgadi Game Reserve is an enormous terrain, an area the size of Portugal and largely uninhabited by humans. It covers an area of 12 000 square kilometres and is home to one of the largest salt pans in the world.

For the larger part of the year, most of this desolate area in Botswana remains extremely dry; and large mammals are mostly absent. During and following years of good rain, the two largest pans – Sowa to the east and Ntwetwe to the west – becomes a source of life and abundance of water, attracting wildlife of various kinds.  Zebra and wildebeest can be seen on the grassy plains and a sea of pink flamingos brings life to Sowa and Nata Sanctuary. Flamingo numbers can accumulate up to hundreds of thousands and the spectacle of flight and filtering the water for food is an experience simply too grandiose for words.

In the wet season, this reserve offers excellent wildlife viewing opportunities. Antelope species include gemsbok (oryx), eland and red hartebeest, kudu, bushbuck and springbok. The elegant giraffe are found in limited numbers, and even some elephant frequent the area. Large predators in the hunt for a good meal include lion, leopard, spotted hyena and also the rare brown hyena.

The wet season and the wildlife activity it attracts, is a clear indication of the gigantic, prehistoric lake the Makgadikgadi once was.

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