African Travel Concept

Okavango Delta

The Okavango Delta is one of the most sought after wilderness destinations in the world; it is the largest intact inland delta in the world offering a truly unique and enchanting African experience. Few other reserves in Africa can match the excitement of big game viewing, the supreme tranquillity and serenity of an untouched delta, and spectacular scenes of extraordinary natural beauty.

A combination of wetland and dry land, you will be crossing various waterways, passing palm-fringed islands and thick tree areas and encounter the rich diversity of wildlife, sometimes at arm’s length.

There are many facets to this unique ecosystem; three main geographical areas form the Okavango Delta namely the Panhandle, the Delta and the dryland. These areas are all very unique, but at the same time they all contribute to the beauty and intrigue of the Delta experience.

Activities to the traveller include game viewing, bird viewing and exploring the waters of the Delta on a mokoro, a traditional boat of the locals carved from a solid piece of wood. The diversity and numbers of animals and birds is astounding.

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