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Posted on Monday, 23rd Mar 2015

Getting to the airport early is essential when travelling, with all the queues and unexpected delays it is better to have some free time on your hands than to be pushing through security lines and frantically searching for your departure gate. The only frustration with getting there early is that airports can be quite dull places. So, here are some tips to conquer airport boredom.

Wine and dine
Many airports feature an array of restaurant and bar options to help you kill some time. While the marked up airport food prices might make you apprehensive, if you are planning on having a nap during your flight then nothing helps quite like a hearty meal and a glass of red wine.

Shop around
Nowadays airports have more to offer store-wise than just convenience stores and magazine racks. If you forgot to pack an essential item, need some extra luggage space or want a trendy new travel gadget then you will probably find a shop in the airport that can help you out. If you are waiting for your return trip then there are bound to be some unique local arts and curios to pick up as souvenirs for the family.

Get reading
An airport is the perfect setting for you to escape into a literary universe. If you forget to pack a book, most airports have bookstores and some even have their own libraries. Although we recommend that you have already started the book you bring along to ensure that it grabs your interest.

Doze off
Travelling can wear you out more than you realise. If you have way more time to pass than you anticipated then find a comfy chair, count sheep and catch some sleep. The upside is that you will have more energy for when you arrive at your destination, just remember to set an alarm so you don’t miss your boarding time!

Stock up on digital media
Load your iPod, laptop or tablet with your collection of favourite movies and music. It is easier to zone out and let time fly by while you are humming along to your favourite songs or following the plot of a movie.

Play a little
If you are travelling with kids, they are probably more bored than you are. Remember the games you used to play on family road trips? Start a competitive match of eye-spy or come up with your own little spontaneous airport game.

Get down to business
If all else fails you can always haul out the laptop to get some work done. Go over those reports or research upcoming projects. It may sound like replacing boredom with, well, some more boredom; but at least you can feel that the time was not wasted. Most airports offer wi-fi services, so even if you get distracted on the net when you planned to work at least you won’t be counting the seconds as they tick past.

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