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"Flybrary" at Cape Town Airport

Posted on Tuesday, 14th Oct 2014

Cape Town International Airport has started a concept that's sure to catch on around the world in a flash!

Flybrary is a play on the word "library", and the concept of this idea is to trade books from this post for those long flights or delays at airports.

It's really simple, you go up to the Flybrary, see if there is any book, or more, that catches your interest, and you take it, without having to pay for it! All you have to do is trade one of your own books for the books you have decided to take out.

The small area has become a growing collection of literature including textbooks, worn tomes with no titles and even recipes. There are also crime thrillers and shelves of carefully arranged fantasy novels.

It has been active for almost three months and books are circulating.

The airport filled the first shelves with new and second-hand acquisitions and the management is happy that the Flybrary is sustaining itself.

It was introduced as part of its “ambiance journey”, a R4-million overhaul of the international arrivals area in response to the airport scoring poorly in “ambiance” in Airport Service Quality.

The library is just one small part of the effort. Other unique features include a 58m mural of Nelson Mandela’s life story told through pictures, as well as a reconstruction of Mandela’s cell on Robben Island complete with a view of the prison’s quad; giant rocks and pictures of penguins in reference to Boulders Beach.

Source: IOL News

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