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Posted on Monday, 18th May 2015

Travelling helps you expand your mind and grow in character by being exposed to different cultures, historical landmarks, breathtaking scenery and flavoursome foreign cuisine. The only hindering factor when it comes to travelling (besides enthusiasm) is cost.

A good travelling experience is a wonderful investment that enriches you as a person and there isn’t much else that can create such unforgettable memories, there are very few things you could possibly spend money on that offer the same opportunities!

Add some careful planning and budgeting, you can be well on your way to squeezing more memories out of every trip.

Define your budget
To extend your savings you will need to know your limits. Calculate exactly how much money you will need for your trip, taking into account flights, accommodation, meals, shopping and emergency stash for unexpected expenses. Then you need to draw up a budget that is conservative yet flexible to handle extravagances along the way. From here you need to make sure you follow the plan; if you spend more than planned on one day, simply spend less the next day.

Plan your currency exchange
This should not be a last minute, rushed procedure. Hotels and airports have notoriously high fees and exchange rates. Shop around to find the best possible rates, it all adds up.

Protect your money
Keep your friends close and your money closer… Tourists are too often the victims of theft, or purely lose their wallets while exploring. Currency cards loaded with travel savings can be a great idea as it prevents others from using your money, while giving you easy access. Some travel cards can be used in multiple destinations and offer free replacements and emergency access to funds if the card is lost or misplaced.

However, be wary of currency conversion fees if you are travelling to multiple destinations with a currency card. Providers generally charge between 3% - 6% when converting currencies so look out for special rates and deals (they can be as low as 0%)!

Remember, while it’s important to have money you can always earn more. Your time is irreplaceable so make each moment worth it!

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