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Posted on Monday, 29th Dec 2014

A new report by World Travel Market and Euromonitor International has predicted some of the top trends expected to become fashionable in the travel market next year. Taking current technologies and vogue culture into account they have identified what they believe to be the top three travel trends for 2015.

Posh but cheap hotels
For those who are looking for some stylish and cost-conscious accommodation. Budget hostels that have undergone a luxury revamp, or Poshtels, have seen a rise in popularity that is expected to contend with boutique hotels.

Poshtels, by definition, offer more than basic accommodation; they offer hi-tech facilities, free Wi-Fi, restaurants, twin en-suite rooms and free breakfasts. They are particularly popular amongst business travellers, young families and single holidaymakers - the contemporary lodging paired with reduced prices is a big draw card.

Wearable Tech
The smartwatch has taken a while to gain traction in the techno-sphere, but is becoming an increasingly common sight. A smartwatch works as an extension of your smartphone and with big names such as Samsung, Sony and Apple all joining in the battle for smartwatch dominance there is some pretty powerful software being developed for this breaking tech.

There are a number of smartphone apps for download from airlines or travel firms which help you make bookings, act as a hotel room key, find the cheapest offers, provide flight information, view weather conditions or download a boarding pass. Many of these apps will be made available for smartwatches too.

It is predicted that more than a third of all travel bookings made online will be done via a mobile device by 2018.

Home-cooked local cuisine
Travellers are always looking for authentic experiences on their trips, not just the stock-standard ‘tourist experience’. This has given rise to a popular new concept that sees visitors invited into local homes for meals or even cooking lessons.

This has yet to become a mainstream trend, however two websites (Bookalokal & EatWith) that allow holidaymakers to meet local cooks and leave reviews have each expanded into 20 countries over a short period of time. Showing that it is a fast-growing sector of interest, set to become increasingly conventional.

The shift in travel tendencies is in pursuit of providing a genuine and convenient foreign encounter for the beginner and adept traveller alike. Will you join the trends or are you comfortable with your established ways?

Source: World First

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