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Posted on Monday, 10th Nov 2014

Fear of flying and fear of heights are two of the most common phobias even though travelling by plane is extremely convenient and statistically safer than travelling by car. Some fearful flyers realise once they have boarded the plane that their fears were unjustified and everything seems okay, that is until the cabin begins to shake and turbulence sends them into a panic. It can be a scary thing, but if you know what to expect and how to handle it hopefully your fears will be neutralised!


  • Choose a seat you will be comfortable in
    Seats closer to the wings (middle) of the plane are also subject to lesser turbulent effects.
  • Use the loo before take-off
    Being in the toilet stall during turbulence can be a very uncomfortable situation. If you do find yourself stuck in the stall during turbulence then use the available handles to brace yourself.
  • Facing the unknown
    One of the keys to mastering your fears is to understand them and their cause. Knowing the reason for something makes it less frightening. Do some research about the turbulence anxiety to put your mind at ease.



  • Follow instructions - Listen carefully to what the pilot and flight attendants are saying, just relax and follow their instructions.
  • Fastening your seatbelt
    Even when not instructed to do so, having your seatbelt clipped will help you feel secure if there is some unforeseen turbulence. Make sure that it is comfortable and you can breathe properly while it’s fastened around you.
  • The safest place for children
    The safest place for your child to be during turbulence is in their own seat with their safety belt fastened. Fasten your own belt first before attending to theirs.


  • Stow away loose items
    Injuries can result from carry-on luggage items being flung around. If you experience turbulence then store away heavy items you may have taken out, dump any hot liquids in the air sickness bag, put your seat upright and hook your tray table away.


  • Meditate
    Control your breathing; focus on slow, deep breaths.
  • Don’t tense up
    Tension can cause unnecessary muscle strain and leave you more uncomfortable.
  • Stay hydrated
    The air inside the aircraft is very dry. This can cause dehydration which leads to headaches or nausea, worsening your flying stress. Drink lots of water.
  • Distract yourself
    Listen to music, close your eyes and pay attention to the lyrics. Count backwards from 100 in threes. Find a Sudoku puzzle or read a book.

Above all, keep a positive attitude. Aeroplanes are inspected frequently for safety. Trust in your flight crew and remember, if you need help, ask!


Source: wikiHow

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