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Posted on Monday, 25th May 2015

If you had to ask anyone from the ATC team where to visit in Southern Africa, they’d most likely say ‘EVERYWHERE!’. It’s true, this neck of the woods offers overwhelming value to every visitor, but simply going everywhere is seldom a viable option (for one trip anyway!).

If you’ve ever fancied a bout in Botswana you’ll be pleased to hear that this location provides travellers with an astounding experience in nature. Wide varieties of wild flora and fauna will keep you fascinated and enthralled.

What you need to decide for yourself is how you plan to view all that Botswana has to offer. Would you rather take a traditional canoe on the Okavango, cruise on the Chobe or fly overhead in a helicopter with a majestic birds eye view?

Mokoros adrift
A Mokoro, or dugout canoe, is traditionally used as a fishing boat and is made by hollowing out the trunk of a large tree (although modern mokoros are made from fibreglass). These boats are typically used to explore the Okavango Delta and offer a unique game-viewing experience due to the low level of the boat, providing a close-up encounters of the wildlife and natural lake flora.

Mokoros can accommodate one or two passengers as well as an experienced local boat-man who maneuvers the mokoro and keeps an eye out for his passengers’ safety, steering clear of obstacles and expertly choosing optimal viewing spots.

A Chobe River cruise
The Chobe River offers frequent sightings of elephant, hippo, buffalo, crocodile, puku and a number of different bird species. Private cruises are offered at many camps and lodges as the river provides consistently exceptional game viewing experiences. Sundowners are extremely popular as you can take photographs and enjoy drinks and snacks, all set to the backdrop of an African sunset.

Moremi Game Reserve
In the central and eastern areas of the Okavango, the Moremi Game Reserve boasts impressive floodplains, waterways, grasslands and mopane forests. Home to over 400 bird species, elephant, hippo and predators such as lions and leopards, Moremi Game Reserve offers spectacular game viewing and birding expeditions. The reserve has the unique distinction of being the first reserve in Africa to be established by local residents, named after Chief Moremi III’s wife who proclaimed the reserve in 1963.

Cultural education
Any journey that is undertaken should involve some form of learning about the local cultural rituals, etiquette and faux pas. In Botswana you can visit the Bushmen in the Kalahari or the local tribes around the Okavango Delta. A number of camps in Botswana have close relationships with local communities where you can arrange a cultural excursion to see the women weaving traditional baskets and the fisherman using traditional fishing methods.

A scenic overview
To truly understand the beauty of the Okavango Delta is to see it from above. A flight over the world’s largest inland delta, typically 500 feet above the water, will surely take your breath away. A flight in a helicopter with the doors removed provides the best photographic opportunities for guests wanting to show off their travel adventures. Many luxury camps are accessed by air, so there is a good chance guests will get treated to this opportunity.


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