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Posted on Monday, 15th Dec 2014

Mpumalanga; “the place where the sun rises” (in the local languages of Swazi, Xhosa, Ndabele and Zulu). It is a province located in the eastern lands of South Africa and borders with Swaziland and Mozambique. The capital is Nelspruit (recently renamed to Mbombela). If you find yourself in this region then some of these activities should definitely find their way into your itinerary.

  1. Frogging Safari, Chrissiesmeer

More hands-on than most safari’s... trudging around in mud, armed with a net and a headlamp are the order of the day. This unique exploration gives you an opportunity to engage with conservation through catching, identifying and ultimately learning about the important amphibious biodiversity of frogs.

  1. Mbombela (Nelspruit)

Mbombela (formerly known as Nelspruit) is a vibrant city with lots to see and do; including visits to a crocodile farm, the elephant sanctuary, a chimpanzee rehabilitation facility, a remarkable botanical garden and the Sudwala Caves, believed to be the oldest cavern system in the world.

  1. Graskop Gorge Swing

Experience the adrenaline-packed rush of travelling along one of the world’s highest cable gorge swings with a 68m free-fall or fly across the 80m high gorge on the highwire slide. Graskop is within a short driving distance of the Panorama Route, a sure testament of nature's aeonic beauty

  1. Kaapsehoop Horse Trails

These well-ridden trails date back half a century and are open to beginner and expert riders alike to explore the local terra firma on horseback. The horses are brought in each morning to be prepared for the trail rides, however if there are no riders that day the horses get time off to frolic with the wild horses in their natural environment.

  1. Harries Pancake Shop

Harries Pancake Shop is a must-visit in the area of Graskop, whether you are looking for savoury or sweet you will be hard-pressed to find better pancakes in South Africa!

  1. Shangana Cultural Village

Set amongst a natural orchard of ancient trees, this Mpumalanga cultural village preserves the rich way of life of the Shangaan people. You can take a guided tour of the village or browse the local wares at the Marula Market where beautiful arts and crafts are on sale.

  1. Trout fishing in Dullstroom

Fly-fishing is a pleasant pastime in South Africa, not only for the harmoniously scenic views but also the grandeur of trout due to abundance of food. Don’t think that you will find them in huge rivers though, you’re most likely to find them in mountain streams or still-water areas.

  1. Stargazing, Kruger National Park

In the Kruger Park, due to there being almost no light-pollution at all, you’ll see the heavens as never before. Stargazing activities are becoming more frequent among safari packages, along with the possibility of spotting rare nocturnal wildlife a guide will navigate you through the dazzling constellations in the sky above.

  1. Panorama Route photographic safari

A route that will have you constantly in awe of nature’s magnificence. Scenic landmarks and rich wildlife are the inhabitants of this area. Blyde River Canyon, God’s Window, Wonder View, Lisbon Falls and Mac Mac Falls are but a handful of the many attractions located on this safari.

  1. Gold-panning at Pilgrim’s Rest

The village of Pilgrim’s Rest is a journey back in time to the days of pioneers and gold prospectors. This heritage town takes you back to the gold-rush of the 1800’s and features a variety of historical buildings, sites, collectibles and even an hotel furnished with meticulously restored and preserved period pieces.

If you're looking for a tour that will surprise, delight and enchant, then Mpumalanga is a perfect choice!


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