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Eco-adventures in South Africa

Posted on Tuesday, 04th Aug 2015

Eco-adventuring is all about experiencing, learning about and conserving nature. From walking tours to horseback safaris and ziplining above forest canopies. There is an exciting variety of eco-friendly activities in South Africa that promise a memorable wildlife escapade with minimal environmental impact.

Monkeyland, Western Cape

Monkeyland is the world’s first free-roaming multi-specie primate sanctuary located in The Crags, near Plettenberg Bay. Previously caged primate species, such as capuchin, saki, howler, lemurs, langurs, gibbons and squirrel monkeys, are immersed back into their natural environments to wander in the open. The sanctuary offers guided tours (monkey safaris) through their verdant forest. There’s also a restaurant, souvenir store, and viewing deck.

Caving, Cradle of Humankind

Based in the Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site, Wild Cave Adventures offers an exciting combination of hiking, climbing, caving and abseiling. You are given the opportunity to explore extreme areas safely, while at the same time learning about the flora and fauna of the Magaliesburg Mountains their conservation. They run guided expeditions for a minimum of 8 people, whether they are first-timers or pros, be sure to get in touch and book beforehand.

Horse riding safari, Limpopo

For a unique and eco-friendly safari experience you can visit the Ant Collection located inside the stunning Waterberg Biosphere Reserve. There is a rich variety of game to be seen on the guided horseback safaris whether you are cantering with giraffe and wildebeest or quietly riding through a herd of grazing zebra. The horses graze with the game on a daily basis to become habituated and accustomed. Horses are carefully selected to suit their rider’s ability - be it professional or beginner.

Canopy Tour, Karkloof, KwaZulu-Natal

The Karkloof Canopy Tour will take you soaring above the second largest indigenous forest in Southern Africa. The guided tour lasts about two hours and features eight secured zip lines ranging from 40m up to 180m long (Note: There is a weight restriction of 130 kg for guests wishing to do the tour). The professional tour guides will assure your safety and provide facts about the observations you make on the way. While zipping over, and through, the forest you will be able to spot waterfalls and a magnificent multitude of bird life.

Discover the Tsitsikamma, Western Cape

For a unique tubing, swimming and bouldering adventure through the world renowned Tsitsikamma National Park you only need to look as far as the Tube ‘n Axe Blackwater Tubing. The Tube ‘n Axe employs local workers and is among the top hostels in South Africa. The tubing excursions run all year round and range from action-packed white water rides to a chilled cruise down the river. 

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