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Posted on Monday, 01st Dec 2014

One of our Cape Town team, Martina Vollmer, recently joined an ATC tour on an exciting adventure through the Kruger National Park. We asked her to report back on the experience, for our blog...

“It starts with a backpack and the feeling that you are going to forget something, as well as some butterflies in the stomach. Luckily, when going on a game drive, as long as you have some comfortable safari boots, socks (optional), your camera (of course!), a friendly tour guide and a great group of fellow tourists (German in my case...) you will have all the essentials that you need.

We entered the Kruger Park through the Numbi Gate (one of the lowest gates on the western side of the park). Numbi Gate is a lovely elevated entrance granting you a sweeping panorama over the lowveld to the east and the granite foothills to the north and south. Our itinerary guided us through the park to our exit gate at Malelane (about half-way up), a core part of the original reserve. We then toured on to a private lodge.

Since we were to travel along tarred roads inside the park, our expectations of sighting large groups of animals was somewhat low. However, much to our delight, we saw an abundance of different wildlife including about 100 elephant, a herd of buffalo, hippopotamus, rhino, zebra, warthog and a host of different bird species.”

Thanks to Martina for sharing her time with us, and braving the butterflies!

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