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Posted on Monday, 23rd Feb 2015

Did you know that our planet is divided into six different floral kingdoms? Each region has plant species that have evolved over millions of years, influenced by vastly different geographic and climatic conditions. The most unique and diverse is found in South Africa – the Capense Kingdom.

South Africa’s Cape floral kingdom is the smallest and one of the richest regions of plant diversity in the world. Of the 9000 plant species found here 69 percent are endemic and a majority are indigenous fynbos vegetation, which covers the region’s magnificent mountains, lowland valleys and coastal plains.

First impressions of the typical low scrub and bushes of fynbos may not seem that impressive. However, upon closer inspection you will realise the sheer diversity of these numerous species found exclusively in the Cape floral region. The most famous species of fynbos is South Africa’s national flower, the King Protea.

Constant threat from urban expansion, land conservation for agriculture and alien plant species (particularly water-hungry wattle and acacia trees from Australia) makes protecting the unique biodiversity of the Cape Floral Kingdom a top priority. Cape Nature Conservation protects the vegetation through a number of conservation projects such as the ‘Cape Action for People and the Environment’ programme.

In 2004, the Cape Floral Kingdom Protected Areas were classified as a World Heritage Site. No matter where your travel within this region you are sure to encounter myriads of different species that will each carry their own beauty and fragrance.

Serruria aemula


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