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Okavango Delta, Botswana : A True Gem of Southern Africa

Posted on Thursday, 03rd Jul 2014

The Okavango Delta in Botswana is one of the ultimate safari destinations in Africa. The Delta is made up of numerous channels, tributaries, lagoons, floodplains, islands and mainland areas which play host to a staggering variety of animal, fish, plant and birdlife.

The water passing through the Delta is remarkably clean and pure as it passes through sparsely populated areas. The Delta is approximately 200km from end to end, which is ample space for over 450 bird species to roam.

There are many opinions as to what would be the best time to visit the Delta. Some people may say January is the best time as this is the peak breeding period for the many species of migratory birds; however January is in the middle of the rainy season and afternoon thunderstorms are a frequent occurrence.  March month brings the massive bull elephants closer to lodges and camps, which are in search of ripe fruits that have grown at a rapid pace from the precipitation that has fallen in previous months. June is said to be one of the best times to visit the Delta, as temperatures have fallen slightly sightings of wild dogs are common as they are in search of dens for their puppies. The day temperature still remains at a comfortable 25°C. October month is a popular month to visit as it signals the end of winter. Day time temperatures can soar to 40°C and is one of the best times for game viewing.

The best way to view the magnificent array of wildlife is to partake in the many different safaris offered through the Delta. One of the best ways to explore the many intricate networks of waterways is in a traditional dugout canoes, called mokoros.  Mokoros allow you to experience the Delta for what it really is, a truly unique and awe inspiring feature of nature.

The Okavango is the world’s largest inland delta and words cannot describe this place of natural beauty. It is something that has to be experienced first-hand to understand the effects the Delta has on people.

ATC has a wealth of knowledge and experience to plan an unforgettable breakaway to the Okavango Delta, your itinerary tailor-made to be best suited to you.

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