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African Tropical Paradise: Bazaruto Archipelago, Mozambique

Posted on Friday, 04th Jul 2014

When one thinks of Southern Africa the words “tropical” and “palm trees” are not the first words to pop into our minds. However, Southern Africa is one of the most diverse destinations in the world and possesses some of the best tropical destinations on the globe.

Bazaruto Archipelago is made up of five tropical islands just off the coast of Mozambique. These islands are characterized by warm blue crystal clear water, miles of white sandy beaches and plenty of palm trees. The Archipelago islands have the classical tropical island feel to them along with a touch of African beauty and are known to many to be one of most magical destinations in Africa. The islands are partially linked to the coast by sand bars and coral reefs which automatically make it a diver’s paradise. Diving in these waters go beyond world class and have some of the healthiest reef-systems in the world along with an abundance of marine life.

The Five islands of the Archipelago are protected by the Bazaruto National Park (BNP) which was opened in 1971 to protect the marine life and the sensitive marine ecosystems in and around the islands. The park has accommodates five low impact hotels which provide magnificent accommodation to anyone visiting the region.

Almost all of the Archipelago resorts are pure luxury with villas that have private pools to outdoor showers and spa’s. If you are able to remove yourself from the pure peace and tranquillity or your room, there are many exciting activities on offer such as; fishing, horse riding on the beach, snorkelling, water sports and island drives. Lazing on the beach under one of the many palm trees or receiving a massage while you listen to the ocean is knows to be among the more popular activities.

The recommended times to visit Bazaruto Archipelago is during the cooler, dry months (May to November). You will experience a moderate climate and perfect conditions. Stronger winds and rain in the summer season could just make the experience less tranquil.

If you are looking for the ideal tropical African getaway, African Travel Concept recommends the Archipelago islands as it is great for honeymoons and family holidays.

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