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Namibias Skeleton Coast - What to do.. (PART 2)

Posted on Wednesday, 16th Sep 2015

The Namibian San (Bushmen) knew it as “The land God made in Anger”.

Nowadays it’s known as one of the harshest places on earth. You would need at least four days to explore all that the Skeleton Coast has to offer.

Whether you are winding your way through ancient mountains, traversing dune fields or searching for an oasis you will be constantly astonished by the survivability of nature and the breathtaking landscapes that it produces.

Game drives and walks
Nature walks and game drives through the Skeleton Coast Park will give you a chance to see the animals that have overcome the austere desert environment. Smaller species such as springbok, baboon, jackal, genet, caracal and brown hyena manage to live in the desert all year round. Black rhinos, elephant, lion and other larger species tend to migrate along the channels in search of sustenance. There is also a variety of nearly 250 bird species in the area.

Horse riding safaris
Due to the rugged nature of the landscape horse riding safaris are reserved for experienced riders only, but they are certainly worthwhile. Riders will get a chance to see elephants, rhinos and lions as well as San Rock Engravings.

Scenic Flying Safari
Fly-in safaris offer travellers an awesome bird’s-eye view of the famous Skeleton Coast landscape (without all the dust). Scenic flights are popular in this arid territory as they give you a new perspective on the sloping dunes and the wildlife that inhabits the region.

The Skeleton Coast is a spectacular destination for avid anglers. Torra Bay is only open during December and January, but offers excellent shore-based fishing (you must be totally self-sufficient). Terrace Bay is open throughout the year and offers some of the best angling on the Namibian coastline. To visit either of these two bays you need to have made reservations through Namibia Wildlife Resorts. Travellers must read the Fishing Act and have the necessary fishing permits. 

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