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Posted on Wednesday, 22nd Oct 2014

Globe-hopping can be a fun experience, but there is no need to endure the jet-lag from flying around the world when you can experience a diversity of destinations right here in South Africa.  Since 1994 the Republic of South Africa has both celebrated and encouraged the plethora of cultures, languages and varied lifestyles that are all encompassed in the Rainbow Nation. From the shores of Miami to the vineyards of France, there’s a little piece of almost-anywhere here!

Follow us on a snapshot journey around the world and see how closely the South African counterparts match up.


Enjoy the radiant sunshine whilst chilling under a palm tree or join the locals walking up and down the long boardwalks surrounded by art-deco architecture. Warm tropical waters and balmy evenings make this destination a must-see South African stop. You could be in Miami but you may as well be in Durban…

Piva Canyon/Blyde River Canyon

A winding river surrounded by sheer escarpments covered in lush green foliage set the scene for both the picturesque Piva Canyon in Montenegro National Park as well as the Blyde River Canyon in our very own Mpumalanga.


The Karoo might not have rolling dunes, but it bears striking resemblance to the rocky scrub of the sub-Sahara. These semi-arid regions both display a variety of succulent shrubs and dry grasslands and lay a stark contrast when road-tripping along the N1 national route.

Great Barrier Reef/Sodwana Bay

The Great Barrier Reef may be the world’s largest coral reef system, however we have our own unique scuba diving destination off the East Coast at Sodwana Bay. With a wealth of naturally unspoilt bio-diversity, there is more than enough underwater eye-candy to satisfy any underwater enthusiast.

French Winelands/Cape Winelands

Some may argue that South Africa’s Winelands are superior to the vineyards of France. The picturesque symmetry of SA vineyards set to the backdrop of dwarfing mountain ranges, whether it’s Champagne or Methode Cap Classique, you are guaranteed to sip the finest grape juice and experience unsurpassed vistas.

Blue Mountains/Pinnacle Rock

Pinnacle Rock is a monolith in Mpumalanga that is as awe inspiring as the Three Sisters in the Blue Mountains of Australia. These rocks carry a mystery that begs to be explored.

Lake Nakuru/Kamfers Dam

Kamfers Dam has become a massive breeding ground for Lesser Flamingos due to the abundance of algae and the construction of an artificial conservation island. The thousands of feeding and nesting pink birds could be mistaken for a scene from the Lake Nakuru National Park in Kenya.

Assateague Island/Bot River Lagoon

Assateague Island is located off the coast of Maryland, USA, that boasts herds of unfettered horses galloping up and down pristine beaches. A short drive from the heart of Cape Town will have you in the presence of the wild horses that graze on the dunes near the Overberg at Bot River Lagoon, a lesser-known beauty in the Western Cape.

Angel Falls/Tugela Falls

Angel Falls is a waterfall in Venezuela known for being the world’s highest, uninterrupted waterfall at a staggering 979m. In the Drakensberg you will find the Tugela Falls, the second highest waterfall in the world, cascading down in five free-leaping falls towering 948m.

New Zealand/Wilderness

The temperate climate, beautiful coastlines and thriving woods of New Zealand can also be found at the small seaside town of the Western Cape’s Wilderness. Located along the Garden Route and catering mostly for holiday-makers you can choose to take leisurely walks along the beach or adventure through the lush green forests. You’d be forgiven for thinking you’d seen a hobbit…



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