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Posted on Tuesday, 28th Apr 2015

South Africa is home to a variety of cultural influences, producing a unique fusion of tasty meals. Here are some of our favourite indigenous mouth-watering snacks from around SA:


Not to be confused with the plaited syrup-covered doughnut known as a “koeksister”, the koesister (drop the ‘k’) is a traditional Cape Malay dish with a couple of differences. Made from a sweet dough that is deep-fried, covered in sweet spices such as cinnamon and aniseed, then laden with syrup and sprinkled with lightly toasted coconut. The best koesisters are found in the Bo-Kaap in Cape Town, although public transport food stalls also supply these scrumptious treats.


A South African classic. Biltong was born because of the need to preserve meat in a time before refrigeration. Raw fillets of meat are herbed, dried and then cut into strips to make this durable yet delicious salty snack. You can find biltong in almost any butchery in SA, but if you are looking for top quality then a small butcher shop in the Karoo is your best bet.


A close derivative of biltong, droewors goes through a similar curing process. Although the end result looks completely different to biltong in that droewors is dried sausage (the translation from Afrikaans is literally “dry sausage”). It’s a well-flavoured, fatty snack that can be found anywhere you would buy your biltong.

Bunny Chow

Well known amongst South Africans, the bunny chow is a feast of a meal. Take some of the best Durban Indian curry you can find and scoop it into a hollowed out loaf of bread and you have yourself an A-grade bunny chow. They come in quarter, half and full size loaves. It is unusual for utensils to be used while enjoying this meal, so don’t be afraid to get your fingers messy. The best bunny chows are undoubtedly found in Durban.

Walky Talkies

The walky talky is a meal eaten in townships all across South Africa. It consists of the feet (walky) and head (talky) of a chicken. While this may sound disconcerting, but it really needs to be given a try as it is a scrumptious dish. The meat is deep-fried in batter resulting in a crunchy bite that you will swear tastes “just like chicken”. You can find walky talkies at selected chicken fast food outlets (mostly in the Eastern Cape and KZN) and if you do, give it a try!

Okay… so maybe you won’t try the Walky Talky, but the others are un-missable!

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