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Eco-friendly encounters on the Garden Route: Featherbed Nature Reserve

Posted on Thursday, 03rd Jul 2014

Every time one visits the Garden Route, it seems to unveil more and more of its beauty and hidden treasures. The Garden Route has plenty to keep you coming back for more. One of these treasures are situated in one of the most picturesque towns along the Garden Route, Knysna. As with every intriguing destination or popular tourist attraction, it has a famous landmark or structure. Cape Town has the iconic Table Mountain and Paris has the unmistakable Eiffel Tower, Knysna has the famous and world-renowned Knysna Heads.

Knysna Heads
Knysna Heads

The Knysna Heads are two enormous sandstone cliffs which are situated at the mouth of the Knysna Lagoon and are commonly referred to as the “Heads” by the locals. The Heads are made up of an eastern and a western side with the eastern side playing host to an upmarket residential area. On the western head, we find the Featherbed Nature Reserve.

Featherbed ferry transfer

The reserve is privately owned and its main function is to protect the natural beauty of what remains of Knysna unpopulated area. The amount of visitors to the reserve are restricted and people are only allowed to visit if they are accompanied by one of the reserve’s guides. The reserve is accessed exclusively by ferry from the Knysna Quays complex. The ferry ride across the spectacular Knysna Lagoon takes about 25 to 30 minutes. Onboard the ferry is a fully stocked bar and one can relax and enjoy the tranquil ride while a well-trained guide educates you on Knysna and its famous lagoon.

Featherbed transfer in 4 x 4 vehicles

The Featherbed Nature Reserve offers you one of the most exciting and enjoyable eco-experiences. Once you have reached the reserve, it is followed with a 4×4 drive to the top where the guide will enlighten you on the reserve and its many eco-friendly functions and also why the reserve is so important to the area. After the ride to the top, you have the option of hiking down to the bottom with a guide who will direct you to vantage points. Here you will experience breath-taking views of the Knysna Lagoon and its treacherous mouth. These views are among the best in world and are well worth the experience. After the brisk little hike, at the bottom of the reserve awaits a decadent buffet lunch which would satisfy the most tasteful of senses. The whole eco-experience can last up to four and a half hours and is well worth every minute.

Since the reserve is very popular, and a limited amount of guests are allowed at a time, African Travel Concept recommends that you book as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

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