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Factors to Consider when travelling to Southern Africa

Posted on Wednesday, 02nd Jul 2014

1) Where to go

Southern Africa covers a vast terrain, and therefore it is important to decide where you will go based on the experiences you would like to have. For instance, should you want to taste world-class wine and learn more about the European heritage and influence on South Africa, you should certainly visit Cape Town. For the best tropical beach holidays, the white beaches of Mozambique would be the best choice. There are various options for wildlife safaris, of course.


2) VISA requirements

As with most countries worldwide, VISA regulations apply for entry into a country. You will have to check with your travel agent and the South African embassy.


3) When to go

After you decided which areas you would like to visit, it is important to check the seasonal information. Why spoil your dream holiday by arriving during the wrong season? ATC has compiled a handy list to guide you for the best times to visit Southern Africa, listed by country. Click here to read more.


4) How to get there

Flights, transport and transfers are sometimes the most stressful factor of the entire journey. It is important to know which provider to use based on safety, being on time and the best value (cheaper is not always better!). As many of the attractions in Southern Africa is quite some distance from major airports and traffic routes, it is essential to properly plan how to get to your destination.

5) What to do

At the destination of your choice, there would be various excursions and activities to enrich your experience. It is important to make sure what types of activities are on offer at the destination. It would be disappointing if you are seeking extreme adventure activities, but land up at a luxury resort where the main aim would be peace and tranquillity… Rather rely on your travel agent and their expertise. Ask persistently about the activities on offer and ensure you are booking activities you prefer.


6) Health and Safety Measures

Some areas in Southern Africa are high-risk areas for malaria. Therefore specific measures need to be taken before-hand if entering such and area. It is also a necessity to have a yellow fever injection and certificate are also needed in certain areas. General measures include sunscreen for the warm African sun and enough water for hydration.


 7) Exchange Rate and Payment Methods

Ensure you have the correct currency and enough money on your journey. Some establishment might accept foreign currency, while others strictly accept only the local currency. Card payments are not accepted everywhere either, hence it is important to have the necessary cash amount at your disposal when needed. Planning ahead is especially important when visiting areas in a remote location.


8) Clothing, Luggage and Equipment

Southern Africa is a region with generally pleasant temperatures, with warm to hot summer days and cold winter mornings having to be taken into consideration. Pack the correct type of clothing for the activities you will be doing, ensuring you are comfortable at all times to take in the magnificence of your destination and not being bothered by uncomfortable clothing. When packing for your trip, also ensure you are not bound to specific restrictions for luggage size and weight. Nobody wants to leave some of their goods behind unnecessarily!


9) The best value for your money

When booking your trip to Southern Africa, costs might add up to a large amount of money. You would like to have the best experience money can buy and have exposure to the unique features of your destination. Ensuring you have the best value for your money, might be an overwhelming experience. Therefore it is highly advised to book your trip through a trusted and knowledgeable provider to ensure your experience will truly be worthwhile.


Why book with ATC?

ATC offers all services for flexible, tailor-made and unforgettable journeys in six major countries in Southern Africa. We are the reliable choice for the discerning independent or business traveller and the trusted partner for group travel. Our professional services cover all types of trip, from the independence and freedom of a self-drive to the detailed and structured itinerary of a guided tour. We are here to exceed your expectations.

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