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Hotelbeds Cook Off Challenge

Posted on Tuesday, 09th Sep 2014

Last month our partners from Hotelbeds organized a very successful master chef competition for their suppliers. The event was organized to thank the suppliers and network in a nice environment. Kristine Kruger, one of the organizers, is the responsible person for Yield & Contracting Executive - Southern Africa at Hotelbeds. Here are some answers from her in a short interview which was conducted:

What was the cook off challenge all about?
Fun activity with our hotel suppliers to say thank you for the ongoing business we have with them. We decided to do a cook-off similar to Masterchef but with 3 challenges.

Challenge 1: We demonstrated how to prepare a delicious starter that they had to replicate.

Challenge 2: Create a main course with our mystery box ingredients and limited pantry.

Challenge 3: Each team had to bring 5 ingredients to make their own unique dessert.

Who was the initiator of this event?
We, the Hotelbeds Cape Town Team and we had a lot of fun organizing the event.


Who participated at this event?
Our suppliers who participated were:

from the Radisson Blu Hotel  - Ansu du Plessis & Iga Horstmann

from the AHA Group – Gideon, Deidre, Ophelia & and colleague

from Tsogo Sun Hotels – Charlene and colleague

from the Cape Royale Hotel  – Vincent and colleague

from Holiday Inn – Linda Wilson & Lea-Anne

from Village & Life – Gina & William

and from Newmark Hotels – Ryan Roach & Walreed Taliep

and we, from Hotelbeds also participated, in our team was Maarten, Reynard, Sadeeka and myself.

What where the rules?
1. The teams had to come up with a team name.
2. Each challenge was timed. Starter 30mins. Main and dessert 1 hour.
3. Each course was worth 25 points. Judges had 5 different criteria to allocate a maximum of 5 points each.
    the criteria were: Creativity, Flavours, Presentation, Ingredients used & Team work.
4. NO external assistance was allowed i.e. googling recipes, calling mom or ouma for that killer recipe
5. The Pantry was limited, so therefore they had to get creative and also remember that sharing is caring :)

Who were the judges and what criteria or tasks did they had to meet?
Anita Streich – MD of ATC
Christine Enslin – Guide Planning / Customer Care at ATC
Marchelle Hermanus - CEO of Capital Thought and part time photographer
Our judges had to bring - Love for food, eye for detail and willing just to have some fun. It also could not be anyone from the Hotelbeds team, we did not want it to be biased.


What dishes have been created by various teams?
So many, I don’t actually have the names, as you can see.

Who won the challenge?
Ryan Roach and Waleed Taliep from Newmark Hotels won the HB cook off challenge.

What was the prize?
Our Hotelbeds team has to arrange lunch for their team of 6 person maximum

Are you happy with the outcome?
Very happy, everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves and the leftover food went to Fikelela and Kerith Retreat food collection. 


Will this be repeated?
We will be doing a supplier event every year, but we try to do something different. But there are so many challenges we can do with the food theme in mind, so we may go back and explore it again.Definitely we will have a lot of fun again.


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