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ATC - Gebeco Tour Guide Seminar

Posted on Tuesday, 26th Aug 2014

Christine Enslin is the responsible person for the Tour Guide planning at ATC, and here are some answers from a short Interview which was conducted:

How many Participants attended this year’s Tourist Guide Seminar?
All together 22 Guides from CPT, DUR, JNB and PRE as well as 4 people from the ATC office and the two organizers from Gebeco in Germany          

Are those guides employed by Gebeco or ATC?
The attending Guides are Freelance Guides who are working for ATC on Gebeco/Dr Tigges tours, but also on other ones

Who attended the seminar from Gebeco?
Kirsten Hulvershorn - Product Manager Africa, Indian Ocean & Turkey and Matthias Palm Head of Tour Guide Department at Gebeco/Dr Tigges

How intense was the back ground work to ensure that this event is a success?
A lot of prep work was necessary from the side of Gebeco, as they created the program and chose the topics. ATC then needed to find an appropriate conference venue, invite the guides and organize flights, transfers and accommodation

What was the event all about?
To introduce guides who did not work for Gebeco/Dr Tigges before, or refresh knowledge of the guides who did already, to the requirements which are expected from Gebeco Tourist Guides.

The attending Guides were split into five groups for the seminar, what were the tasks the teams were given?
For the organizers it was important to not only have the guides listen to all the information, but also to see some practical work and how the guides tackle different tasks. One task was to draw a picture of a tourist guide with all the requirements visible (i.e. knowledge, first aid, flexibility, mediator etc.). There was a role play, were some guides acted as “difficult clients” and the person who was the Guide needed to deal with the problems on hand. On the second day was also a City-Rally were the different groups needed to solve different tasks (some practical some could be done with the internet). On the last day the guides were also asked to create different itineraries, from the point of their experience and logical run of a tour.


How did the teams do?
All teams were outstanding and, as they told us and we could observe, had a lot of fun

What are the criteria’s to be a perfect Gebeco tour guide?
Curtesy, knowledge, professionalism, loyalty

Was the outcome of this event successful?
Yes, definitely as the guides get a clearer idea what is expected from them from the Agent and also for the agent so see who is working on their tours

Should every big tour operator do those trainings?
Yes, as seminars like this are not only a good opportunity to meet the guides on a more personal level and get to know them, but also for them to voice their ideas regarding routings of tours or suggestions for the improvement of tours. A clear line is shown what the agent and the tour operator expects and to give tips how improvements can be made on either side. In the case of the Gebeco/Dr Tigges Seminar, it was also a great opportunity for Matthias Palme and Kirsten Hulvershorn to personally hand over a Certificate to Cynthia Gordon for “the Gebeco Tourist Guide of the Year”! The criteria for this award are a 100% customer satisfaction on all tours guided by Cynthia, which was compiled from the customer satisfaction forms handed in by the guests. We are very proud of her achievement!

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